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Estoy intentando reactivar la cuenta de webhost para poder crear mi sitio web
En el mail de verificación de correo electrónico que me llega no funciona el link para verificar el Mail por lo que no puedo activar la cuenta y por lo tanto crear mi sitio web
Lo he intentado en diversos navegadores pero el Link está mal construido



I am trying to reactivate the webhost account so I can create my website
In the email verification email that I receive, the link to verify the email does not work, so I cannot activate the account and therefore create my website
I have tried it in different browsers but the link is wrong

Thank you

Hi @nivckir I am not a mind reader therefore require your email address to verify your account for you.

I have checked your IP address and find no valid open accounts.

I’ve checked your forum email address and it reveals only deletion logs for an old deleted account over 1 year ago it was deleted by you - reason - No la utilizo

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