Recreate deleted website


I want to recreate a website. I deleted it (because of some wordpress issues) and when I try to create again I get:
another website with this name already exists.

I have the CNAME already pointing to it.

The website name is hhocarfuelcell
The website address was hhocarfuelcell [dot] 000webhostapp [dot] com

Can somebody help me and check what happened while deleting it.

Thank you

Website already exists

Do you still have FTP access?


yes. I have FTP access and I can see the files on it but it does not show in my control panel.


I still have FTP access with an external FTP client only.
Something went wrong and the website got deleted from my control panel only.
I need somebody to check the server settings and delete the website completely.
Thanks in advance.


Has this resolved?


No. It isn’t resolved.


@Infinity do you have any means to check on the server?
If you do have access, please delete It is wasted resources and I don’t need it any more. If needed I can prove that I still have access from external FTP, uploading something of your choice.


I also had the same issue.
I created a website with the name “wapselection” and the url “”. Because I could not connect to it with FTP, I deleted it.
Now, I want to recreate the same website with that name and url.
However, when I try to create a new website with this name, it says “Another website with this name already exists”.
As a matter of fact, now that I’ve deleted the website, I CAN connect to it with FTP. Strange don’t you think?
Does that mean, that the website still exists, even though I clicked to delete it?
If so, could you please delete that for me?
I want to install Wordpress and then use this site for an academic project.
I already know how to install Wordpress.
Again, could you please do me this favor?



@mantas.daraciunas have a look please :slight_smile: