Recreate deleted website


I want to recreate a website. I deleted it (because of some wordpress issues) and when I try to create again I get:
another website with this name already exists.

I have the CNAME already pointing to it.

The website name is hhocarfuelcell
The website address was hhocarfuelcell [dot] 000webhostapp [dot] com

Can somebody help me and check what happened while deleting it.

Thank you

Website already exists

Do you still have FTP access?


yes. I have FTP access and I can see the files on it but it does not show in my control panel.


I still have FTP access with an external FTP client only.
Something went wrong and the website got deleted from my control panel only.
I need somebody to check the server settings and delete the website completely.
Thanks in advance.


Has this resolved?


No. It isn’t resolved.


@Infinity do you have any means to check on the server?
If you do have access, please delete It is wasted resources and I don’t need it any more. If needed I can prove that I still have access from external FTP, uploading something of your choice.


I also had the same issue.
I created a website with the name “wapselection” and the url “”. Because I could not connect to it with FTP, I deleted it.
Now, I want to recreate the same website with that name and url.
However, when I try to create a new website with this name, it says “Another website with this name already exists”.
As a matter of fact, now that I’ve deleted the website, I CAN connect to it with FTP. Strange don’t you think?
Does that mean, that the website still exists, even though I clicked to delete it?
If so, could you please delete that for me?
I want to install Wordpress and then use this site for an academic project.
I already know how to install Wordpress.
Again, could you please do me this favor?



@mantas.daraciunas have a look please :slight_smile:


Sitio eliminado pero sigue activo / Site removed but still active


¡Estimados !

Yo hace unos 8 días atrás elimine mi sitio con éxito de una cuenta para poderla crearla en otra, sin embargo, cuando la voy a crear en otra cuenta de indica que: “Ya existe otro sitio web con este nombre.”, como puedo adelantar este proceso?, mucho sabría agradecer su ayuda.

el sitio web que elimine y quiero volver a crear es



About 8 days ago I deleted my site successfully from one account so I could create it in another, however, when I will create it in another account it indicates that: “Another website with this name already exists.”, As I can advance this process? I would be very grateful for your help.

the website that I delete and want to recreate is


Sorry, recreating with the same website name if not available anymore :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt response.

I apologize what would be the reason if you can know and understand more ?, because what I do not understand is that if the site was eliminated it should be available in case another person or myself wants to use the name.

Sorry if you do not understand but I’m using a translator because the language is Spanish.

Gracias por la pronta respuesta.

Disculpa cual seria el motivo si se puede saber y entender mas?, porque lo que no entiendo es que si el sitio fue eliminado deberia estar disponible en caso de que otra persona o yo mismo quiera usar el nombre.

Disculpa si no se entiende pero estoy usando un traductor ya que idioma es español.


I think you can re create that website in 4 months, the time it gets fully deleted.