Redirect to wordpress


Hi all. I build a website a few months back with regular updating it in website builder. Few days back I purchased the domain and pointed it to 000webhost servers. It was working fine . Yesterday i received a mail from Wordpress saying my site has been updated to Wordpress 4.8.2 . I don’t know what it has to do with Wordpress when I created website on 000webhost. Now the problem is when I type url i.e. it takes me to wordpress page, saying just another Wordpress site. My site is not visible at all. Why it is showing Wordpress page. Please help.


Hi @shennonsworld
Your website is just working fine. Try clearing your browser’s cache and try again :slight_smile:


again same pr problem. This is what it shows when I enter url for my site, after making changes in builder and try to review this is what i see.


Please help. My website is new and I can’t let this happen. Recently I have started promoting my website. Please help.