Regarding over sleeping


Seems fine here?



My site seems to be oversleeping –
Please advise.



Seems fine over here?

#329 i need the site up and running for business occasions:) i need it to be working in short terms pls;)


Hi @torentmaster1!

Your site is loading fine on my side. Please clear your browser cache and try again…


ok.the site sleeps currently but must be awake in 40 minutes:)


but its still asleep i need the site to be up and running so i can set the time when its going to be asleep at least :slight_smile: i guess you understand what i mean :slight_smile:


Seems online right now?


I need my website for a project. But It is over sleeping. Help me fix this please.






Mine was working now. I don’t know if it was fixed automatically or some of your technical staff are able to fix my issue. Hope it will continue :slight_smile: Thanks




Hey guys my website : is asleep/
I dont mind if it sleeps from 2am-6am utc +10 if that’d help you guys, just during the day I need it for my uni project.


Same here. I read that its actually in sleep mode for 4 hours, instead of the 1 hour…however my sleep time is currently set to 7-8 am. Its currently 10:38 PM…no where near the 4 hour sleep mark…and my pages are in sleep mode…help?!


now its 404… =( ■■■■


Mine was for a few seconds, i just reloaded it and it was back to sleep mode. I keep see’n other ppl’s sites getting woken up, so im just hoping they get to ours as well…and soon !..PLEASE WAKE UP MY SITE…I’VE RUN OUT OF COFFEE !!!


Also sleeping for few days.


Hola…disculpa que responda ahora. Ya no…he eliminado todo y cambiado el dominio. La pagina sigue dormida desde hace dias:

Ayuda porfavor…que tengo que hacer


Necesitos Ayuda…todavia esta la pagina dormida…y ahora el dominio se va a otra parte. cuando pongo el dominio se me va al dominio antiguo

Todo va mal con Webhost…no entiendo k pasa…