Regarding over sleeping


Hello admin,

My website is still sleeping -

Please wake it up. Thanks in advance.


i don’t know why my web site is still sleeping!!

please help, there is an important files for my graduation project in the college,


why my website is sleeping for more than 1 hour all day and now is sleeping all time from last day?


Website is

Thank you for your help. .


Mine is oversleeping too :expressionless:


mine is sleeping for more than 10 hours now ( ) :frowning:


mine is also sleeping -


My website is sleeping again, it’s been sleeping for the last 2 days now, hoping to be fix soon,


My site is also sleeping.


Appreciate your help to wake these two sites

Also, I am not able to update the sleep time (the update button is disabled)

Many thanks


@Wark At this rate then the company will go to sleep before the sites awaken! :joy: This is a serious issue and we hope they understand the depth and repercussions of what stands between their service that they have themselves provided, and their members which are in plenty.

Unless all this was all pre-planned just before Black Friday to have many Upgrade to their Hostinger Deals!!! … Just our 2cents on that! :sunglasses:


That was quick as our website popped right back up!!! - Thank you!!! :sunglasses::+1:


Mine is oversleeping yet again

every day it seems to sleep for 4-5 hrs instead of 1hr :frowning:


My website has oversleeping for 3 days.
I will need that for my final year project. Could you please kindly help me?



my site is asleep for about 4 hours now. Can you please wake it up? Thanks for your help.


Mine is oversleeping yet again


it seems to sleep for 4-6hours but now it is 15 hrs instead of 1hour …still sleeping. .


My website tomkredyt pl is sleeping since 01:00


I agree i think this is a ploy to get us on paid hosting as we are now bombarded
with adds

If they think that this tactic will work for 90% of people there are wrong
all they will do is P_ _ s people off

I for one will go for paid with someone else

Sorry for disturb you:(
Thanks for help:)


My site is sleeping again please sort this out once and for all

This seems to be a ploy to get your customers to go for paid hosting
as you are now bombarding them with adds

I will check my site later and if it is not sorted out by then i will go
to paid hosting ( BUT NOT WITH YOU)