Restore archived site

I have a website that is archived and I want to delete him, but to do that I have to restore him first.

I have clicked in the restore button yesterday, but it didn’t work, the website is still archived.

How can I contact the support team?

Website in question is? :slight_smile:

@ckhawand the website is

Seems to be deleted? :slight_smile:

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@ckhawand it’s not deleted, it’s still there.

To delete I have to restore the site from the archive, but the button to restore isn’t working.

Try in a few minutes

@Infinity I’ve been trying for three days. I click in the button and says “Website will be restored soon…”. I wait but the site continues archived.

Ah sorry I queued it for restoration from the staff side of things but it seems it still hasn’t worked I’ll have to notify a developer to investigate and resolve this @tautvis

I also can’t restore my site. Help me please.

Hi there, sadly I have made checks on the URL and I can see it was archived for low visitor activity, unfortunately there is also a requirement for free learners to login to 000webhost panel once per month to avoid inactive user deletions.
In this case the website data has been deleted due to owner inactivity.

Please ignore any suspension emails you may receive today as this is just a false positive upon restoring the access to your control panel to allow you to make a new 000webhostAPP.
Feel free to make a new 000webhostapp URL using alternative naming should you wish to host again on the free learner platform.

Ensure to take regular backups of your files as agreed upon signup in the terms and conditions and again login once per month as a minimum to keep your 000webhost in active status and avoid inactive learner deletion.

Let me know if you have any further questions, have a lovely day and happy site building! :slight_smile: