Sendemail daily quota after upgrading to silver version


000webhost provides just 50 emails per day. If i upgrade to silver version of it how much emails can i send per day? What will be my sendemail daily quota if i upgrade to silver version?


Hello @tirthshah147

I am not sure but I think they are over 500 but don’t take my word for it. I have mentioned moderators who will get back to you soon with the exact information.

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How can i send message to moderators?Can u please search this information for me?


200 per hour with Premium and 500 per hour with Business plan


Thanks a lot for your help. But can you suggest me any web hosting provider which can provide me unlimited sendemail daily quota?


VPS would be your best bet

Hit the live chat on Hostinger I found them very helpful.


can u explain me VPS in details because even hostinger comes in VPS.


Please for all sales seek advice from live chat :smiley: