Single plan - Inodes limits and MySql limit


I have 2 questions regarding the single plan advertised here:

The number of inodes is limited to 20.000 in the free version, what will be the new limit in the single plan ?

It says that the free plan has 2 websites and 2 MySql databases, Single plan has one website and one mysql database, is this correct ?’
I would imagine paid plan offers at least same services as free plan.

I guess it’s still possible to combine free plan + paid Single plan since my second database will be very light but still would prefer to have all on same account…

Thank you.


Sorry, I have another question,

what is the maximum size for a MySQL database in the Single plan ?

I tried another hosting company before and even though it was a paid plan with unlimited storage,
the database was limited to 50MB, I would need about 100MB,

Thank you


Hostinger employee has replied with
Only a single DB can be added to the single plan
Inode limit is 200000
3GB MySQL limit


Thanks a lot, that’s very helpful