Site deleted and I can not recreate it

Greetings. I had a website “” and one day I got an error “sleep” and it was impossible to fix it. After some days the site was deleted entirely. I tried to recreate it again but I always got an error:
“The name has been taken”

I have a backup from both content and Databases and I want to recreate it.

Thank you in advance

You can make a new site using alternative naming.

Hello Infinity. What do mean exactly by “alternative name” ? I have already printed QR code cards that lead to that page; Can I redirect them somehow to my new one?

Sadly deleted 000webhostapp URL cannot be reused at all.
We have had a couple of cases over the years most notable was someone who had installed air monitoring devices into street lamps and they hard-coded their 000webhostapp details into it but sadly they were inactive on the panel and their website was deleted, they had to climb these street lamps to re-flash the devices as they had not had any management software just purely FTP credentials coded into them for the devices to read/write from but we cannot reinstate deleted URL(s) at all.

If you have printed QR codes with a now deleted 000webhostapp URL you will have to re-print.
You might want to invest in a domain for as little as 99c and you will own this for life as long as you continue to renew it and you can swap registrars each year just like car insurance for the best deal etc.
I would not recommend anyone to get attached to the free 000webhostapp URL as we may change the URL system at any time and remove the current URLs from service without notice.

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