Site down from time to time


I am also getting this. 502 error is being presented regularly.

As can be seen, it has happened 4 times in the last hour.
Site: forumdantestserver

Website is falling down

I have seen this kind of issue before. It’s because you’re not checking your website host directly, but the domain which first passes the requests to the proxy host (which is Cloudflare). This may result in false timeouts.

To receive real stats please:

  1. Create a file in your site at /public_html named online.txt, and inside it insert online

  2. Go to Uptimerobot, select ‘keyword’ method and use your 000webhostapp URL instead of your domain name: Use online as keyword. In other words, if keyword online is returned, then your site is up for real. This is the fastest and cheapest way to track out if your site is up or not.

Or, if you don’t want to use the keyword, just bump the host directly: instead of domain, however I don’t know if Uptimerobot requires all webpage DOM to be loaded or not. If first case is true, then false timeouts may be returned again, as it takes time for DOM to be fully loaded.


Thanks teodor. Will give that a try :+1:


Please do reply the results.

We know our network is sometimes experiencing issues, but right now, your site is loading fine. I hope things will clear out soon :slight_smile:


Will do. Hasn’t gone down in the past 45mins so may already be back to normal.


Seems to have corrected itself now. Only 1 502 error today and having the monitor set up as a keyword works well.


We guarantee 99% server uptime, so I guess the stats are just fine.

We’re glad the issue has been sorted out :slight_smile: