Site is down AGAIN!


Yes, wordpress site…


All my clients have been wordpress sites on 000webhost


When have they been here? :slight_smile:


Why is it only happening on this site?


All since start of 2018


Hmmm, I suspect that you hit SQL limits.
Just temporary, would work again in 1 hour.


As I have mentioned, I have created more than 5 sites on 000webhost and continue making others, but this is the first one that is reaching SQL limits. Why is that? What is so different about this site that it’s hitting the limits? Have you decreased the limits?


Maybe you have more plugins on that one? :slight_smile:


Not too many more than usual, and no caching plugins. I’ve had WooCommerce on other sites here with no problems. Is there a way to isolate which plugin is calling for the db connections reaching the sql limits?


What are the plugins you installed? :slight_smile:


WooCommerce, ThemHunk Customizer, Subscriptions for WooCommerce, PayPal for WooCommerce, One Click Demo Import, Lead Form Builder, Crelly Slider, Contact Form 7, and All-in-One WP Migration.


Alright, are you sure the website is not having much traffic? :slight_smile:


If I can figure out which is the offending plugin, I can deactivate it while I’m working. Right now the only traffic going to the site is my own since it’s not advertised anywhere or anything, it’s still under construction for my client.


I think the best for you is to upgrade, and create websites for your clients there.
You can create unlimited accounts on the business plan :slight_smile:


Can you tell me which plugin or part of my site is calling the db connections?

I appreciate you’d like me to upgrade and make my client sites on Hostinger, but I’ve given you guys 5 clients on Hostinger already (this will be number 6), and I’m working on joining the affiliate program with Hostinger. Until I do that, this is my workflow and it works for me.


Came back up for 10 minutes before going back down.

Can you tell me what the offending plugin is so I can deactivate it?


I honestly do not know

@akhilkumar332 @Supun @teodor @Ayu @adityabhavsar1006


Are you using same plugins on other sites too?


Would you be able to delete and reinstall WordPress?


@adityabhavsar1006 Reinstalling is not the solution.
@Zoommair Let me check in sometime and i’ll get back to you soon :slight_smile: