Site offline or down?


Are all domains offline?

Server down?


Seems somebody is learning about DNS, I can reach my server thru VPN since my VPN has a cached DNS , but cant login into my site’ 000webhost account.


Same here. I can’t access my 000webhostapp site or the control panel using normal means. I can access if I use a VPN and connect from a server outside the US or Canada.

Inside the US I’m getting the following error…

This site can't be reached.'s server IP address could not be found.


Yo tampoco puedo acceder, cuando intento ingresar a mi panel de control, solamente aparece como si estuviera cargando la pagina y luego dice, “Conecting to server…” se regresa y luego vuelve a hacer lo mismo. :roll_eyes::pensive::confused::confounded::disappointed::worried::tired_face::persevere:


no last time I checked my domain works fine did you try to clear your browser cookie and cache.



I was using as DNS, switched back to and now I can reach my site again, so seems an issue with DNS propagation affecting cloudfare DNS at least. (maybe at cludfare or at side)


Update, lost too, only VPN can reach my site now.


Hi everyone!

Our servers have experienced a temporary downtime. All things should work fine now though… :slight_smile:


My websites aren’t listed in the Cpanel :’( :’( :’(



They do display. Please log out, clear your browser cache, log back in and retry :slight_smile:

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