SMF Forum - Shoutbox Problem by 000webhost (no text)


Hi everyone!

I use SMF on my second website

The problem is about ever Shoutbox i’ve installed of this forum.
In every shoutbox i don’t see any text. I tryied of every version of PHP and still noting.
For example “ Shoutbox, Chat” author of this modification sayid that is problem.

“It’s most likely an issue with 000webhost, as far as I can remember that’s a free hosting which should have plenty of restrictions.”

Here is screen of this problem

Can 000webhost help me with this?

Best regards


What is the website in question?


Here is this website

And main website with Wordpress

Every on 000webhost server

Official forum of this modification
Last message is about this problem


Hi @napsterion!

Maybe Shoutbox uses some HTTP methods which are not allowed by 000webhost. We allow only GET, POST, HEAD methods, while your Shoutbox might require other ones as well.

Please create a test account for me, give me the credentials and the link to the shoutbox and I will try to investigate.


Yes, maybe.
But our group still ask me about this shoutbox.
I sent you everything by message


All requests are loading fine, the response is ok, however the XML parsing fails. I am not sure whether this is related to the developer or not… I’d say it’s rather related to the developers.

000webhost does not usually modify nor throttles the content of your files.


Thank you much.
I sent this info to developers.


Please do reply the results. :slight_smile: