Sql random database error

Unless related:


Either way wait it out I guess.

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It just returned right now, its working. Odd, so this will be a common thing on here? i’ll just have to wait for it to fix itself in the future if it happens?

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Hopefully not a common thing, wait until database is back to normal if you are affected then it’ll soon show, I’ve passed your website to a developer regardless

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just went away again, i saw databases are having problems from your link so maybe that’s why, guess i’ll have to wait again for it to come back

omg… i was just updating the WP-statistics plugin database (which it asked for, but then stopped) and now i get the same exact pink error… so i wonder if i have to wait or now need to replace the whole thing with a backup?
and the problem is with FTP also - i cant even get a proper backup from that…

well, seems like the DB is now randomly back again, but is it even possible to update the wp-statistics db then? it asks for somekind of 7600 entires to be changed and it actually stopped at 2560 or smth…
and ftp problem is still really big…

that depends on how long it’ll take, for me it came back for about 30 mins before messing up again, i would suggest just waiting

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Your FTP seems stable currently.
And DB should be alright too for now?

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well, at the moment i probably have the first time in weeks when filezilla has managed to even set up a proper download queue because last week it did not even succeed in doing that (so it basically did not even download all files because they were not added into the queue).
but i still have lots of errors like these all the time:
|Error:|File transfer failed|
|Error:|Failed to retrieve directory listing|
|Error:|Failed to parse returned path.|
|Error:|Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity|
|Error:|File transfer failed|

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it now downloaded 3370 files, but a backup from last year has 6000 files, so how do i even know if i got a working backup at all… i basically cant rely on this latest ‘backup’ just because all of these errors (which means that half of the files have not been added to the download queue…)

If you can manage to get into File Manager select your public folder and compress and download much easier, same for uploading compress and then upload and extract?

ok thanks - that seemed to do the trick and now i should have a proper backup.


well… while the ftp issue was solved, i still probably cant do the WP-statistics upgrade because now i even noticed that i got somekind of warning from the last time already, saying something like: “Website was reported for abuse, Overloading web server or MySQL”.
so how could i do this wp-statistics db upgrade via wordpress (it asks there to push a button for the upgrade).

is there any word on when the database problem will be solved?

Looking at the last 24 hours there was only 11 minutes through the day where users might have experienced issues/error messages appearing so on the scale of things that is pretty good.
I have two open tickets with developers regarding MySQL / FTP but no updates on them yet I’ll see what they come back with tomorrow.
They closely monitor all the services so if there are any issues they are working their hardest to resolve them as fast as possible with as minor inconvenience to users.
This is a free service and unfortunately there are going to be issues that come to light and we can’t resolve them in two minutes like we’d love to do, backend issues take time and patience to resolve and hard work from the developers (which is greatly appreciated as they always give 110%)

I’ll try to throw any updates in here tomorrow if there are any.


i hope it gets fixed soon, its been interrupting my progress on my site but i have hope that you guys will fix this don’t know if its something with my site specifically or because of the new rules you guys set up to stop spamming

If it is related to rate limiting Rate Limiting Policy there isn’t much we can do all free users are confined to the same limits.
If any other users are affected by the phpmyadmin issue or their site going up and down because of database issues please chime in here with your URL so I can forward to developers

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i’m experiencing database problems again but i checked the status page and nothing seems to be wrong, is there problems with the database servers?

Not seeing any issues currently but there was in the last 24 hours.

i’m still experiencing database problems, just to make sure due to the rate limiting policy is this the reason for that? does that mean this problem will keep existing on free and the only way i’d be able to have a site with no problems is if i go paid?