Table deletete in Database


I have a database and I have 3 tables there: new_record, new_record2 and sobe. I use them on my website and on the website they can be edited/added/removed. Yesterday I went to the site to check new_record table, but it was empty. Then I went to database to check and there I found nothing. It was empty. I need to get back the data ASAP! Please help.


@GoricinaProductions I just checked your database and “new_record” table is empty, Seems someone has deleted from your side.


Is there any posible way of restoring it?


No as we don’t keep backup’s. :sweat:


Great. Now i lost all data


@GoricinaProductions Seems you’ve added data again.
This time make backup of your sql database and even other files too, so if incase something happens.


Can you tell me how to make backups and if I can automatize it?


Hi @GoricinaProductions!

You can backup your database by going to 000webhost cPanel > Manage database > locate your database > Manage > phpMyAdmin > select your database from left panel > click on 'Export' tab > Go. This way you’ll download your database to your machine so you could import it later.

Automatic website backup is provided only on certain paid plans.