Take A Look At This


I have finally Done It!

I have finally finished my first publication of my website, FakeBlog. Link >> FakeBlog << Link

http://fakeblog.net16.net > http://fakeblog.000webhostapp.com

Take A Look and Tell me what you Think!


Its good :slight_smile:


It’s nice :blush: :wink:


Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!


Thank You for taking a look at it!


Website has been updated

I have just update the site. if anyone wants to take a look.:)


Nice simple site :smiley:


If anyone would like an email reminder..

I hope to god this dosent get flagged
If anyone would like to recieve an email to let them know when the next blog post will be publlished, I will be adding a request form to the site by the end of this week. or you can let me know via email. My email is fakeblogpublisher@outlook.com.


I have update FakeBlog

I have added an email Notification form. I said I would be doing thin in an earlier post.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to look at the site and gave me the much appreciated feedback.

>> FakeBlog <<


Nice site! When I get to my laptop, I’ll try out the email form.


Awsome! Thanks so much!!



I have update FakeBlog. I added the Email Notification form that i talked about in an earlier post. I also added an Honorable mention on the credits page. The mention is to 000webhost for doing such a fantastic job with hosting the website. Thanks to everyone who looked at the site.

Email Notifications

I want to take a minute to talk about this. There is a form on the homepage of FakeBlog where you can enter information such as:

Name (first and last. Lastname is optional.)
Email (Mandatory. I need to know your email to sent you the notification.)
And, If you want or feel it necessary, and short message.

Thanks for reading.

P.s. - Feel free to let me know in the comments if there are any issues with the site, what you think of the site, etc.


Hey man! Thanks for mentioning us!! If you would be so kind as to reply to one of your previous topics from now on, that’d be awesome. The forum is running a bit slow today for some reason and we want to minimize the amount of posts until it is running properly again.


Thanks for letting me know! I can definitly do that!