The operation timed out. Please increase the server's timeout and try again


Problem is

The operation timed out. Please increase the server’s timeout and try again. Relevant documentation for Apache, Nginx.
Something went wrong during the installation. Please check the log file (install_files/install.log) or see the documentation for more information.

how can we fix it?

/The operation timed out./



What are you trying to install?



October CMS


Little piece of code you need to ADD into your database.php file :slight_smile:



Make a NEW line below and paste this code

 'options' => [PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES => true, PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS => true,]


it can’t fix that ((


where is my mistake? answer pls.


What URL is it please?


site url is



Created a new site on your account, ran the install, made the edit to database.php and it worked?

user: admin
password: test1


oops er maybe test123 or something sorry.

I say delete the new site I created and try it again yourself :slight_smile:


Oh it was admin and admin1 sorry


ok, works now

im doing new install with your huck

will write here


your fix works