The page isn't working and i cant navigate it


when I navigate my page
error message
http error 500
and I cant get to file manage


Hi, it appears there is a server down that hasn’t been attended to. I’m alerting our developers, and hopefully they’ll take care of this. I’m sorry it took so long for someone to discover this issue, our volunteer support staff is currently stretched thin.


The web site can’t be navigated & Message appears " HTTP Error 500"


Are you using Wordpress? If so, check out this topic.


Nope I don’t use word press


I see. The server issue from last night has since been resolved, so this could be an issue with your browser’s cache. Please clear your browser cache, and try using a different DNS resolver, using one of the tutorials below that corresponds to your operating system.


I use operating MS-Windows 10


In that case, try this tutorial. Then try loading your website.


@assuita.taz it appears there is an unknown issue causing this problem that is now preventing me from connecting to your site. I apologize greatly for this inconvenience. I have escalated this issue to a developer, and hopefully he can take a look soon. In the mean time, please be patient, and check back later for an update. Thank you so much for bearing with me.


It’s to late. I sent my message yesterday & no answer.


Who did you send a message to? I’d hate for you to leave us due to this issue.


I sent an e-mail to ""


I see, that will go straight to me. I’ve sent the message to a higher-up technician. The 000webhost support staff can only handle account issues and small website issues, not server-based issues.


and what’s up & no answer


database works good but my website doesn’t work


The lack of answer is due to a shortage of volunteer staff. We don’t get paid, so it’s hard to always be responsive.


I understand that. I’ve alerted an admin so he can look at the issue.


Many thanks, I hope It’ll be fixed soon ASAP.


I hope It’ll be fixed tonight


I hope so too! I apologize again for the inconvenience!