[TUTORIAL] Installation of CraftCMS on 000webhost


Hello! :smiley:

Today we are going to install Craft CMS on the free 000webhosting platform!


  1. around 15 minutes of time needed
  2. PHP 5.3.0 or later (000webhost provides a slider selection of 5-7! So we are fine!)
  3. MySQL 5.1.0 or later (000webhost provides the requirements needed!)
  4. The latest version of Craft CMS > https://craftcms.com/

So firstly head over to their site and download the CMS of Craft.

Once downloaded head over to 000webhost.com and login to your members area.

Create a new site or edit an existing one

Now launch the File Manager to begin the upload!

Once uploaded simply extract,

Or use Unzipper! https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ndeet/unzipper/master/unzipper.php

Paste the code into a new file in your root such as unzipper.php then launch in the browser!

Once unzipped place the craft folder outside of public_html

Then move the files from public into public_html

Now head to the database manager on 000webhost.com and make a new database/user and keep note of the details

Once created put these details into the db.php file within craft/config outside of the public_html folder

Once you’ve completed that run the installer by visiting


Create your administrator account

Setup your site title and URL

It will now take around 10 seconds to complete the full installation!

Ta-da! Easy as that!

Your site is now live

Now for you to start building your site and pour in the creative content required to embrace your visitors!

Happy site building!