[TUTORIAL] Installation of PageKit on 000webhost


Hello! :slight_smile:

Today we are going to install PageKit on the free 000webhosting platform!


  1. around 15 minutes of time needed
  2. the latest download located here: https://pagekit.com/
  3. PHP Version: 5.5.9+ (000webhosting provides a slider selection of versions 5-7 so we are fine)
  4. MySQL Server 5.1 (again 000webhosting provides the needed requirements!)

Head over to their website and download the package firstly

The item should only take a few seconds to download (7mb+)

Next head over to 000webhost.com and login!

Make a new site if you haven鈥檛 created one already; or click on the one you have made.

Now upload your site / launch File Manager

Now upload the PageKit download from earlier

Once uploaded, simply extract

Or use Unzipper :slight_smile:


Create new file called unzipper.php for example, past the code above into it and then launch it on your site i.e. yoursite.000webhostapp.com/unzipper.php

Once extracted simply visit yoursite.000webhostapp.com for the installation to begin!

Follow the steps!

Create your PageKit database on 000webhost Database Manager and take note of the details for the next step!

Choose MYSQL as the Driver

Set your website Title + admin username/password/email

Give it around 10 seconds and your site will be finished!

Simply login with your choosen details!

Ta-da! As easy as that!

Time to customise your site and make it yours! Happy site building!


is their a way to install this ontop of my current website?


Yes, create a new directory and upload the installer in it :slight_smile:


i did that but that practically makes my 1 website 2 websites



Did you mean you want to delete the old one? :slight_smile:


no i want to keep my original website but i want to intergrate pagekit onto it


Yup, so create a new dir and install it in it.


i did that but that gives me two different parts of my website, i want my current index to be the homepage for the cms


Then move the old one to a directory :slight_smile: