Unable to reset password with Gmail


Good morning,

I forgot my password for my account. I tried to reset password but I never receive the email into my Gmail inbox. I checked also Spam folder but nothing. So, how can I proceed to reset my password and get access to my account?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, what is the email associated with the account you’re trying to change the password to? I checked, and the account associated with your forum email, man********@gmail.com, is not verified — for this reason, I cannot send the password reset email.


Yes, it is my account. I already used this in 2012-2014. Then, I abandonned it. Now, I don’t have any idea why my account is unverified. Can you tell me process to verify my account?


Since the email was not sending, I verified the account for you. I’ve sent a password reset to your email, so hopefully it will show up now.



No password reset link was received into my email inbox.


Good day!

I have sent you another link. If it is not working, please request one yourself: https://www.000webhost.com/password-reset/user


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