Unable to Upgrade


I have my free account for www.aimwell.org, but when I try to upgrade to a Premium account, I cannot get past the log-in.

My treasurer wasted half an hour on the phone trying to login at his end, but I cannot even do it from this end.


Hi @Bhikkhu_Pesala

000webhost and Hostinger (premium) are two companies. Actually Hostinger is the mother company of 000webhost. So, you need a new Hostinger account to upgrade.

First, create new account at https://www.hostinger.com/cpanel-login or continue with social accounts.
Then, buy a premium package there.
After buying, you can contact their live chat and ask them to transfer your 000webhost site to Hostinger. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m here to help you if you get any kind of trouble in the process. :wink:


Is this going to require a change to nameservers to point my domain to the new web-hosting account or can Hostinger make the transfer themselves?


After buying the account, you can contact them directly. They will help you to configure everything.


It sounds like too much hassle. My domain is registered by one person, my treasurer who pays the bills is another person. I think I will stay with the free web-hosting.

Thanks for your prompt help.


It does not matter who registered the domain.

After buying the hosting package, you can change your nameservers to hostinger’s one.


It does matter to me. I have to contact someone else to make the nameserver transfer, and someone else to make the payments.

That’s why I decided not to upgrade. Thanks for understanding. I live on charity, and don’t use money.


is your issue solved?


Yes, thank you. The problem is resolved.