Unable to upload via FTP

Hello, I am trying to use FTP to upload to http://sensumlt.000webhostapp.com and keep getting connection timeout errors. All my FTP details and settings are correct and I can use the File Manager, but I want to use FTP instead.

Please can this be looked into. Thank you.

[Update] I don’t see how this issue is resolved. It shouldn’t be the case that one has to resort to a VPN to access FTP.


Can you try using a VPN while connecting?

You can connect by using a VPN or proxy for example - Windscribe which has a free plan and takes under a minute to get signed up and logged on.

You can also try using alternative DNS for some reasons this has proven to work in aiding users accessing our front-end website, their own website or FTP in cases :slight_smile:

Finally if you have a dynamic IP allocation from your ISP then normally turning off your router waiting 10 seconds then turning it back on will result in a new fresh IP being allocated as your public IP address :smiley: