Updating site continues


My last post was closed out because I didn’t respond in enough time. But I created a site, published it and now I want to go back in and make changes and can’t figure out how to do so. The first comment on the last post was to log in and click on site builder, not an option as the site is already built. Then it was click on manage site but that only brings me to the statistics of the page.

! Really hoping someone can help me figure this out. The website is kinda useless if I can’t update it and I don’t feel like redoing all the work on another webhosting site.


You can upload your HTML files or you want to use the website builder ?


If you’d like to get to the file manager, you can click “Manage Website” and then click “Upload Files” in the top bar. Then, click the button that appears on the page. You will then be taken directly to the 000webhost file manager. :wink: