Upgrade php 5.2.X to 5.3.X


php version.


Regarding what you quoted: I pointed out before that there is no reason not to have the old and the new version both being available on the same server. The user can select per site which to use.


Written by an admin (now ex admin?) - Upgrade to the 000webhost.com php version


Yes, it wasn’t a question. I was stating that you can only see that the version of PHP is outdated after you sign up, and start building your site.
So you do waste time finding out, and you may at first not even notice, until you run across packages complaining that your PHP is outdated.


For me I always check, especially with free hosting - just part of the learning curve (never take adverts at face value, not just on the internet, but anywhere)


OK, so you get the versions side by side on different servers, for now. So, what when there has to be a move to 5.5? Again a new set of servers?
Just curious.


Hehe, put in a support ticket asking when php5.5 will be supported - You might get a reply when they’ve stopped laughing :smiley:


Sure, once you run into a problem like this, you’ll be more careful next time. Problem is, it is VERY hard to find out what is promised (PHP 5, yeah, but 5.1? 5.3?)
And you only find out what is REALLY available after creating an account and trying out the services.

[4 minutes later]

Nah, I’ll go for PHP6, and they may all decide to give up the job and join some religious sect.


I just got news that the genealogy program I use (webtrees.net) has got it’s last update that runs on PHP 5.2. Next update will require 5.3 or later. And updates follow each other on 2-3 month intervals. So that’s the status for 000webhost for me. I already have an account elsewhere to prepare my moving over.


Windows noob. Upgrading or installing a shadow copy of php is simply a few lines of bash programming. Sorry to ruin your imagination but admins don’t have that kind of workload. Most of their time is wasted on people not computers.


I always assume other people’s job is at least as difficult as mine, so please do not misunderstand me. But I have another website on an equally free server, and there it is upto me to upgrade PhP or not. The cPanel presents me a simple radio button with which I can switch between Php 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4


I honestly think it’s insane that your not offering the latest PHP version to free account on you home page there are many lies

  1. The auto Installer is said to offer 10 scripts yet you can’t use it (False Advertising)
  2. “Unlike other free webhosts we do support PHP and MySQL with no restrictions. You get full access to the latest version of PHP and MySQL. The following PHP features are fully supported” Which is a lie because your only offering outdated PHP software.

I get the limiting space and bandwidth but access to features that some programs need isn’t right. I am starting to look into other free hosts to see what I can get.


Yea, auto installer isn’t working for a year or more on free accounts.
I already am looking for other free hosts, these guys are liars and don’t take their job seriously.
Outdated and slow servers, I installed Wordpress(idk what version,some older one because latest one is not working,cant install it on this host because of outdated php) and website was slow as f*ck.It takes years to load.

So yea…


pi eich pi five dot three


Same as 000webhost but PHP5.3 or PHP5.4 - http://www.hostinger.se/



Yea, is interesting the web for a new host, but they only have 2 domains and 2 parked domains. thanx.


Unlimited domains I thought, (only 2 subdomains)
Parked domains? Hmm, only ever parked one ontop of another, never needed more than one, but ok, it’s not for you.


pleace tellme wath yo know

i can use (add-on domains) like webhost.

these add-on domains, works like domains? I don’t understand the diference.


Yes, just like 000webhost


Are you kidding me ? seriously is it that hard to upgrade php ?
apt-get upgrade php5 ?

This is on purpose so that you set everything up you find out that 99.99% PHP apps wont work.
how about using Apache 1.0 for free accounts too ?

If i wanted a paid host i would look for a paid host i currently am testing something and cant buy a hosting yet. But seeing how you treat your users i will never ever pay for your services, and if i cant quick fix my PHP errors due to EXTREMELY outdated software ill just cancel the free acc too. [U]Thank you for my lost time.

[COLOR=“Red”]You are misleading people that they can install common php software - they cant your servers do not support it.
You are sabotaging the security of the web by FORCING people to use outdated software that does not include security fixes.[/COLOR]

All this to annoy potential customers into upgrading before even trying out the stability of your hosts ?

Because its beyond me how is it too hard to run ONE COMMAND in 2 years ? I doubt you would have to change any config at all.

I just hope that someone will hack into your servers thanks to some bug in old, unsupported php. All you can say then is karma :slight_smile:
You are allready suffering from it as much as your users because of worse performance :]]