Upöloading files


I have uploaded files into public_html for my wesite, balatonsailinggroup.com but they are not updated on line. Must I check something else that I have forgotten?


Try forcing your browser to clear cache.


I had tried clearing the cache but this doesnt help. I have only just seen your reply as I was waiting for an email. I have tried on my phone and my tablet but still the old website not the revised on as in my public_html
If you have looked there should be an update bottom left from last week. The one on oline is from decemeber 2018.


Have you uploaded the files correctly?

index.html is the first page that loads when you visit your site.

The last update to index.html was 16th of October 2018.

To update index.html you must upload your new index.html and overwrite the previous version.


I see there is a load of files uploaded 12th of March 2019

But index.html isn’t one of them?


Oh dear, I will recheck thank you.


I have it now in control, Thanks again for your help.


No worries! Happy site building :smiley:
Any more issues check back!