Webmail.000webhost.com DOWN?

I am trying to enter in webmail.000webhost.com and I can’t. Somebody knows that this happening?

any error message perhaps?
I am able to access Webmail just fine

It is the correct link? http://webmail.000webhost.com/

you need to access webmail through your control panel

Yes, but my webmail domain is through webmail.000webhost.com and when I try in through my control panel, it sent me directly to roundcube webpage

Yes, if you use webmail through the control panel you are forwarded from http://members.000webhost.com/panel/webmail.php to webmail.000webhost.com along with your session/cookies. So if it sends you to Roundcube i guess it´s working? Or can you explain in more detail what exactly is NOT working?

Ok, I’ll try explain.
I have my email service not with Roundcube either Atmail and SquirrelMail. My email service always was through 000webhost email service. From yesterday I cannot enter directly to webmail.000webhost.com, this page is black. You understand what I mean?
And thanks so much for help!!! I appreciate it!!!

Sorry, not black, the page is just with 000webhost.com logo

Please go through your members area.





This always works.