Website disappeared?!


I have tried a number of times over the last few weeks to access my website, however, every time I simply get an error page saying that the page, or the server, cannot be found. I have also tried to login to wordpress to edit the page and that says user not recognised. seems to say my domain is suspended but I have received no notification about this and Hostinger, who I purchased my domain with, say everything is working their end. I have tried un-parking and re-parking the domain but that hasn’t worked. Can someone please help?



So can you confirm if you have logged into firstly and made sure your name, address and personal information is correct and true?

Secondly have you signed up your domain as a personal individual or did you select business? If you selected business then Nominet will attempt to look your company up on Companies House to ensure you are a true trader…

Nominet would have emailed you regarding the suspension and not Hostinger :frowning: Check your spam or emails it seems to have been suspended in July?


Anyway I think it is best to get in touch with Nominet and ask for the reason of suspension and appeal :slight_smile:

NOMINET suspends the .uk domain if the domain does not meet the required criteria. NOMINET will attempt to validate the name and address data through a number of third party data sources at the point of registration or when the data is changed.

How NOMINET Validates / Verifies the Domains:

It considers the following points to validate the domain details:
The data provided is been verified in the initial stage
The registrant's name is already present with the Authorized Channel Partners, or other details required for verification which can be provided by the registrar, registrant or any other source
The registrant's address is already present with the Authorized Channel Partners, or other details required for verification which can be provided by the registrar, registrant or any other source

For the Data that cannot be validated

NOMINET will analyze the data which is not validated by its Data Validation Partners. The incomplete/inaccurate data will be rechecked manually and if it is found that the data provided is been incomplete/inaccurate or doesn't meet the criteria of Domain Name Registration of NOMINET then it will be followed by the quality check as mentioned below :

There will be no actions taken at this stage if the data includes some accuracy, only the spot checks on data will be undertaken. The data will be displayed on the WHOIS as ‘NOMINET was not able to match the registrant’s name and / or address against a 3rd party data source on DD-Month-YYYY’.

If data validation is confirmed by the Accredited Channel Partners based on data received or provide any notification for the data nearby accuracy, the WHOIS entry will show as ‘The Registrar is responsible for having checked these contact details’.

If the registrant's name and address pass the validation check of NOMINET, it will show following validation status on WHOIS:

"NOMINET was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source on DD-Month-YYYY"

If the registrant's address doesn’t pass the validation check of NOMINET, it will show following validation status on WHOIS:

"NOMINET was not able to match the registrant's name and/or address against a 3rd party data source on DD-Month-YYYY"

The NOMINET or the registrar will get in touch with the registrant to get the accurate data if the data provided in the first place is inaccurate or doesn’t meet the Terms & Conditions of Domain Name Registration. NOMINET will send the email notification to the registrant and if NOMINET doesn't receive any update from the registrant the domain name will be suspended 30 days after the registration date.

The following combination of documents required to validate your Name & Address:
Valid Passport
National Insurance card (for UK citizens)
Valid Driving License
Bank statement from the last 3 months
HMRC tax notification from the last 3 months
Company stamp
Utility bill from the last 3 months
Valid National ID card (for non-UK citizens)
Official company letterhead

How does NOMINET validate the registrant addresses?

The NOMINET use Royal Mail Postcode address file as a reference document to validate the data. There are around 28 million entries in the reference file. The address is not in exact same format as mentioned in the reference file. Hence the addresses are matched with the most nearest match according to the reference file details. Similar reference files are used to validate the non UK address with the trusted reference files available.

On which factors does NOMINET conclude if the supplied details are incorrect?

There are number of factors considered to reduce the confidence in the given details. Like:
If the details are matching for more than one specified addresses
If the unit number and building name are same with 2 separate addresses.
If all the details are provided in case if it is a Flat or Suite in office block for address identification.

How does NOMINET validate the contact name and registrant name?

In every case, Nominet is looking up for an individual or organization that matches the information they have on their records. UK TLD information is checked against a database of 40 million registration and business records, including real time Companies House data. This is more difficult to achieve for over full globe data, but for greater number registrant countries name information is checked against Companies House equivalent data sources. 

Why might a name not be validated?

If the Registrant or an organization which is recently registered and it's details are not available with the validation partners, then the registrant need to provide the required documents to NOMINET.

In some cases, the domain is registered under UK Individual or UK Limited Company with incomplete registrant name or company name. As a result, the details do not match with the data available with the validation partners. In such case, the registrant needs to contact NOMINET by sending an email to VALIDATION@NOMINET.ORG.UK and validate the contact details.

Do the name and address details need to be linked in order for the details to be validated?

No, the details like name and address of the registered company and company's contact person can be different and yet would be considered fully validated. The given details are considered on their own merits.

If NOMINET unable to validate the data.

It is practically not possible to validate the accurate data but this doesn't mean the given data is not correct at all. Having more than 10 million domain designations to be registered, the automated validation process are vital. Still it can be only precise to a certain level of confidence. Hence the details mentioned are to be verified by NOMINET or domain registrar in first place for the data which fails initial validation. In case if the correct data is not provided for validation, it may result in domain suspension. 


Telephone: +44(0) 1865 332233 (Lines open 8am - 6pm UK time, Monday to Friday. Closed on UK bank holidays)


Probably easier to call and resolve it, I would do it on your behalf but I think they’ll need to talk to the registered owner instead.


Thanks ever so much Infinity. I will get in touch with them on Monday and see if they can resolve it. Thank you!