Website down for more than one hour


My website is inactive because of the 1 hour a day inactivity feature. Last I checked, the website said it would be back up in 8 minutes. It now says that the website will go back down in about 22 hours, and it is still down. I was thinking about paying for the service, but I am hesitant because I want to make sure my software works with the service; I cannot do that if my website is down.


EDIT: It seems that my website is up at: however, I cannot access any files to change the website. I cannot get into the MySQL and file uploader screen.


Weird nothing seems to be wrong with it from this side can you log out, login and try again?


I did that before and it did not work, but it works now! Thanks so much! Customer support is very good!


Sorry about that, if you experience any more issues do post back!
Happy site building!