Website is really slow


Hi all,

i have a basic WordPress site using the 000webhost free service. Just wondering if it is deliberately made slow due to the hosting being free or if I am doing something wrong.

website is:

Running a test on it takes almost 40 seconds to load the site and 40 requests to the server.


@M84AB1 May be that’s because you scripts are using more resources than what 000webhost allows.

Else connect with cloudflare CDN, which will make your website load a bit faster.


Hi akhilkumar332,

I am already using Cloudfare for SSL.

When you say scripts, what are you referring to? I am using stock standard WordPress install and my site only has like 5 pictures (its still in development).

If this is due to the service being free, then the free hosting is useless and it is perhaps time for me to go to a better paid host.



Here i am referring to your wordpress site related plugins.
Try to minimize it , specially “W3 Total cache” plugin.

where ever you go free hosting always have limits.

Already admin are aware of mysql database related issues and will be solved soon.