Website is temporary sleeping

When did they started this thing this is the first time i am seeing like this

This is something that we are testing for users who have signed up in the last few months. This is free hosting, after all, so the site will sleep every day for 4 hours (so we can conserve server resources and provide a faster website experience).

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Mine does not say when it will become live again, when will that happen? Can I access the file manager while the website is “sleeping”

it says i can choose the hours in the app…where is the app, lol

mine wakes up in NaNS… FFS what does that mean?

@jaffacake The “app” means the site, I’ll have to look into why that’s there. Regarding the NaNS, that means “Not a Number Seconds” which is something I’ve never seen before. @mantas.daraciunas will have to look into this.

@adetavis you can access the file manager still. You can see when it will wake up by logging into your control panel and viewing the site details


Mine says that the site wakes up in “NaNs” and when I try to select the app to go to the file manager it will not let me. Can you please at least get me access to the file manager? I need some files on there today.

@mantas.daraciunas will have to look at this, I can’t do anything about the sleep. for now you’ll just have to wait until the sleep period is over (even though it says NaNS, it shouldn’t take more than the allotted four hours), and I’m deeply sorry for the inconvenience

So, what you are saying is that those of us that have not yet paid for premium services, are having our websites shut down 4 hours each day?

Yes, its free hosting after all. However, dangling a carrot of free hosting within certain limits (bandwith, mails etc) in front of people and having them use it - with the comfort of a paid solution behind it should said website become a success - just to suddenly and without warning terminate said website for 4 hours a day is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE in any business relationship anywhere.

Now, i had a feeling i would eventually become one of your paying customers. That feeling has now vanished and i will look for a more reliable solution elsewhere. With someone who actually delivers what they say they deliver, at least until they say something else rather than just go ahead with it.


I apologize that we’re causing concern for you, however the limits, including the 4 hour sleep, are created to encourage paying customers, as I assume you know. We can’t possibly provide premium-grade service to users who are not paying, so that is why we offer premium-grade services for paying customers.

And, 000webhost is not for websites to become successes, or for businesses to start and thrive. 000webhost is meant for learners and hobbyists who want to use the free services to host a simple website. If you want to start a business or a site that provides a source of revenue, buy a paid plan, whether it be here or elsewhere — that’s the way business works.

Finally, we are delivering exactly what we promise. The 4 hour sleep, which seems to be your main concern, is a feature that we are testing to promote server health so that we can provide exceptional free services when your website is not sleeping.


I have absolutely no problem with a 4 hour sleep for free services. What i have a problem with is that this has been put into effect without informing those using those services prior to doing so.

As i said, i am fully aware that your free services cost money in the other end. However, i think going behind the backs of potential future paying customers is a really bad move.


This new feature is only a test for now. We will be letting users know if this becomes something that we implement permanently into our system. :slight_smile:

If I helped you, please mark the green solution button :slight_smile:

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This is a suggestion being a new user its kind of not a worm welcome i am here to see how the site is giving limit usage as free right to all users so that i can recommend to all others bloggers to take a look but when i am in till few days its been a present experience but when i see that site is down even it is in cloud flare and utilizing less bandwidth to decrease the burden on the infrastructure on 000 when i see the site is off i dont understand i added up every notification open but adding up new things in the site without letting know that users will see this is not at all appreciated

Letting knows the users before and asking them to contribute where users give the feed and support to the site where 000 can get real feed from the beta users could really help 000 and user experience on 000

But without letting users know and making them go nuts doesn’t help u are us it makes us freak-out it doesn’t make us purchase the hosting it make us to take backup and move or site to better hosting sites 000 has to understand most of the free users here are newbie and newbies don’t go payed asap they checkout for few sessions and then when they understand the benefits they became payed but making this tings happen and saying that we are testing without any notice or any info is not good it would really effect your user base

I jest bought few new people of 20 to here asking them to checkout for a month if you feel its cool lets signup for payed and i think when they see this happen they wouldn’t be feeling worm welcome to stay here

I hope You understand what i am trying to say

only a test you say? I’m not sure i really understand why you’ve impletemented this under the Radar without letting us all know? seems a bit of an oversight. I won’t say i’m happy about it. My main issue is it says we can choose the hours? well if we can, can you tutor us into how we can achieve this, thanks

Yes, You have to paid for full service. Otherwise you can not take full service.

I will get back to all of you about the sleeping hours once I find out more. Once I do, I may create a video tutorial on it. :wink:

Navigate to your cPanel then go to settings then general, you can change sleeping hours from there.

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how do i navigate to my cpanel, sorry

settings page you mean, just changed mine , cheers

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