Website not functional


My site ( is not functional. I have only been able to connect once in the past day and that led to a 504 Gateway Timeout. Now, it simply doesn’t even connect.


Same problems here:
very slow to load and sometimes it won’t at all
Hope it can be fixed
Thank you


Hi @damien11 @mprof9 borh websites are just workig fine on my end with fine speed and no errors. :slight_smile:
Try clearing your cache your use different browser.


Problems are still persisting. They are not continuous. The site loads slowly on a random basis, not always; at times it responds “502 Bad Gateway”. This is independent on browser type, PC, network (both at home and at work).
Never changed anything in the code recently, it has always loaded correctly and quickly until a few days ago when the problems started.
It is similar to many cases reported in the forum.
Support does not seem to recognize this properly.
Thank you for investigating the issue.
Kind regards


I’ve got the same issue, not always, but sometimes it comes back.
Very strange…
PS: I’ve tried to repair my website, it give me an error saying that i’ve used it too much (one time).


This problem has been reported to devs and they will fix it soon.


Press the repair button in general tab of manage website.
This will resolve any issue related to 000webhost servers.
Let us know :slight_smile:

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