Website not working after having canceled a redirection

I have tried a redirection, and then supressed it. But I can no longer address my website even with the message “You have not created any redirects so far”. The tested redirection is still pending. What can I do ?
Thank you

Can you screenshot what you mean?

This is screen which is obtained when I try to go the my website. The redirection does not exist any more :

and this is the wordpress redirection page :image

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I can read the top screenshot with no problem and I don’t understand the domain you are trying to reach?

The bottom screenshot is very low quality and I can’t read anything but it appears to be some sort of “redirection setting” within WordPress itself, I can’t really advise on this as we support 000webhost issues basically.

Your website you’ve hosted with us loads with no problem?

I don’t understand how can you access this page because when I try to access to, I go to http://www.unpianoalhopital.asso/ which doesn’t exist any more

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Try using Incognito tab - maybe your computer has cached the bad redirection?

If this works then clear your browser data afterwards.

You were perfectly right … first I’ve tried successfully with an another browser (IEXPORER), then I’ve cleared Mozilla/firefox’s data and all works correctly.
Sorry for having spent time with my mistake !!

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