Website overlapping the setting menu



when i change settings while im in editing mode the settings menu is being overlapped by the site contact.

any help will be appreciated

thank you in advance


Are you using pure html, wordpress or website builder?



sorry i forget to write


Great, can you paste your wordpress username and password here? I will censor them


its my first time in the forum i dont know if its ok to publish the user name and password
sorry for being paranoid
is there a way to explain what should i do and i will implement the solution and update if it will work?


So I’ll temporarily change your wordpress admin email so I can login, is that okay?


Ok thank you for your help

is it possible to write down what was the solution so i will learn for the next time?


Yes, when I’m done fixing I’ll tell you.


However where do you see that?


our website is and it happend while in the website during editing mode and each setting menu it try to access its always overlapping, it doesnt happens only to one menu, it happens all the time and in order to access them i browse down or up in order to see the menu


Can you try zooming out?


i tried it now and it didnt help


67% in a different location


@Infinity @teodor @sulliops


hi bumping the subject for hopes of new ideas :slight_smile:


Hi @oferbas!

I am sorry but I can’t seem to find the page with the problem. I don’t even know if the same Wordpress settings are being used anymore. Does the problem still persist?