Website randomly inaccessible in 1-2 minute intervals


Dear admins,

My website is loading very slowly and becomes inaccessible every 1-2 minutes.

I also noticed that whenever the website seems to be “down” it still says “running” in cpanel. But the amount of space used is shown as 0MB.

So I believe this is a database issue affecting my website?

My secondary website works flawlessly.

I also noticed that the overall uptime of your servers has dropped to below 95% starting around the 30th of November.

Please enlighten me as to what is going on and when the issues will be fixed.



We were adding 2 new servers for more stability, that caused a small downtime, do not worry about that + your website works fine here :slight_smile:


my site is down most of time and then its loading suddenly then after sometime it gets down again

what is happening. i dont understand

if i ask anything to you guys without an explanation u ask me to upgrade to hostinger
is this a planned thing to make people upgrade?


Well, it is working fine here :slight_smile:


happens to me sometimes too



Thank you for the explanation. It all makes sense now.

And yes, my website is working as expected again.