Website status: Sleeping


Hello team of 000webhost!

Today I found out my website was ‘sleeping’ after someone messaged me he wasn’t able to load my site…
I’ve been hosting my site/files on for over 3 years now (as far as I remember) and I’ve never had such a problem?
If its not possible to get it removed then please give me the opportunity to download the database (files from the file manager) as they are very important and I do not have a backup.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Hi @Skorpion!

Your website has been suspended because it was overloading the server. 000webhost has been intended to be a free web hosting provider for developers, students, for testing purposes and skills improvement, not for bots, files leeching, or sites sucking our resources.

If you intend your website to have many visitors, or much traffic, please consider buying a cheap paid plan:

I have unsuspended your website. Please think a little bit at what I said before :wink: