Websites getting down 3-4 times a day!


While working in my website, I installed W3 cache plugin which broke my website with ERROR-500 but I solved the problem by recreating .htaccess file. After that time, website is getting down 3-4 times a day(for 18mins and more). It’s really bad when you have to do something urgent. Please fix the issue. My website it =
Thankyou and please look into the issue.


Hi @nbntrue!

Your website is going down because you are exceeding max_queries_per_hour Database resource. Please read this topic for more information:


Can you elaborate a little bit. I’m not able to understand it. Thankyou for the instant reply


As it stated in the article, your website either has too many posts, either has too many plug-ins or visitors which is causing it to perform more queries to the database than we allow. Quickly said: your website is using too many resources.

To overcome this issue either reduce your numbers of plug-ins, either buy a cheap paid plan to overcome such limitations:


I got same problem that getting down website all the time after some time so we moved it to paid option now.