What is going on with MySQL?


My web site cant load any pages with “MySQL server has gone away” error.
I`ve tried to connect to phpmyadmin but failed too.
phpmyadmin crashed with error “#9001 - Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 1018 after 10000ms”


Having same thing, if on phone can’t load because server is down it says, on the computer is get error after a long time of it trying to load, can’t log into the admin wither



Yep database down)


Do we have any timescales in which it will be fixed??


Now status is active, but site and phpmyadmin still doesnt work(


Same problem, its active but not working


Try wait for 97 percentage


look at miliseconds, its still 10k :frowning:


MySQL database is working


same here from this afternoon the database was unreacheable and time limit issue etc etc.


ok ok, it’s up again !


MySQL said: Documentation
#2006 - MySQL server has gone away


As few services are down…try after some time!!!