What kind of PC do you have?


Does it have XP,Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8?
Would like to see a pic of those go faster stripes…


I’m kinda old school. I just have a stock one.


yup your first choice. am a Windows XP freak


I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Window 8


I am also using win 8 with quick heal security.


I am using Windows 8 and having Intel I 5 processor


2 pc’s and 1 Microsof surface tablet
The pc’s are both running win 7, the tablet is running win 8.1

I built my own pc’s and i’m happy with the results, although i could use an upgrade.
Things change so fast in technology, you can’t really keep up


Update: Just purchased 2 ACER ALL in One PCs for my classroom…
Both have Windows 10…4GB memory…and 500GB HardDrives


i m using p5 quanta core processer 1tb hdd, window 10