Why are some of the images in my website not loading?


I recently edited my website and suddenly some of the photos won’t load anymore. Everything worked before I did any changes.
When I open my website in my localhost or what it is called everything is just fine with the photos.

One of my img tag is:

The img tag has always been inside a datatable,

I know it’s a jpg file.

  • I have tried to rename the photo.
  • Moved it to the same folder as everything else.
  • Tried with a different photo.
  • I have checked the spelling on the photos and folders.

I’m out of idea how to fix this, I need help.

My website:

My website is in swedish so it can be a little bit tricky but if you go to “RESERVDELAR” in the menu and then go to any kind of car brand, it doesn’t matter: All of them got the same problem.


As 000webhost uses UNIX systems, all file names are case sensitive, means ask-audi.JPG is not ask-audi.jpg :wink:
Please rename those files according to the exact value :slight_smile: