WordPress issue of redirection

On this website: https://wpsmackdown.com/delete-unnecessary-wordpress-files/

It says i should delete the install file

What do you advice??

My question is…if i delete that file

  1. Would it stop the problem of my users seeing that page

  2. Are there any risks if i delete that??


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Don’t think there will be a risk of deleting it no, or even better you could open it and clear the code and type your own page, like please check back later we are making content changes apologies etc.

Yes pls teach me how to do this …please please…i.beg youuuu

Also teach me how to redirect my hostinger domain name to this my 000webhost site… Can you do it for me??.. Im broke now…but i guess i can be paying to keep that domain…so when i have enogh ild come back to my hostinger premium plan …



You can place any content html or PHP into

Providing this is the page that shows up when you’ve exceeded the free limits.

I’m not sure if Hostinger actually provide forwarding options I’ll look into this for you tomorrow.


Boss are you the one who did this??

Yes just as example but any code can be placed there.

Thanks boss…that is cool

What about info on my domain name on hostinger…its still active and expires december

How do i make it to be for this my 000webhost website??


I don’t think Hostinger offer forwarding do they?
If you wanted to park your domain here you’d need to move your hosting to premium since the free plan feature is no longer available.

Thats sad…i jst wanted it so that if anyone types the hostinger domain name… They would be redirected to my 000webhost site

Hey good news parking is back, if you enter 000webhost and add your domain name it should work fine again! @evillizard

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