Wordpress "Updating failed"


Hello, I am trying to add a Page for the first time on Wordpress using a free account. The autosaving is not working, I see a message “Updating failed” and I cannot publish (same message). The blog is at gj38 dot 000webhostapp dot com There is not much I have touched so I am wondering if this is a known problem with Wordpress on 000webhost ? Thanks.


I can’t update existing pages either - same error.


By activating the Classic Editor is started working. It seems 000webhost is not compatible with the new Gutenberg editor in Wordpress (installed by default). This is a major issue for your new clients.


I’ll report this issue to the devs :slight_smile:


There seems to be a trend with Gutenberg causing issues at the moment not just with our hosting :frowning:


@MarkNZed if you are still facing this error can we get some more advanced information from you such as screenshots of inspector / console / headers of browser when the error is appearing.