Wrong COM_STMT_PREPARE response size. Received 7 error

Hi, Im creating a site, but in the installing step, when I put all mysql details, says “Wrong COM_STMT_PREPARE response size. Received 7”. How i can solve this?


Hi @HimahoYT!

Are you using Laravel? Please check out this thread at FAQ Section.

Thanks, I solve the problem using this:

'options'   => [PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES => true,]

I solve this, but after the installation, the site dont work.

In my computer server with xampp work, but here no, I dont knock th reason

Are you sure you have uploaded the files correctly?

Maybe you need to change the paths in config file…

I have a other question? Because say I cant turn of the branding with custom domain, when I create 2 weeks or 3 weeks ago other site with a domain, and I can turn off and on?

Uhm… I think not…

In fact, I think you can turn it on (if you had turned it off) but you can’t turn it off after doing so.