Xenforo no acces to server


Hi @ldr18!

Your files supposed to be located in /public_html

I have fixed the problem for you.


If I want to connect now, there is no connection to the server


Please screenshot the issue.

Please make sure your are using the credentials from 000webhost cPanel > Manage database at MySQL installer section.


Oh, thanks for the comments, thanks!


Did it work?    


Yes all works thanks for all


You’re more than welcome :blush:


Oh anyway, I’m making a screenshot of it


You have exceeded max_queries_per_hour resource. Please read this topic for more information:


So I need to upgrade him to pro?


Please try again after one hour.

If the problem persists, the only way to fix it is to buy a paid plan, yes…


Hello, I have problems with my website now An unexpected database error has occurred. Please try again later.


You are receiving that error because you have deleted the database which Xenforo was using.

Please create another one and reinstall Xenforo properly.


Okay, that’s right now, but I can not connect the database


Incorrect username/password being used.

Setup your config correctly.


yes now it works, by the way there is now see screenshot


@ldr18 As said above you’ve again exceeded max_queries_per_hour,

Upgrade to premium to avoid such issues.


what plan should I upgrade him?


Check here…


We suggest you the premium one :wink:

It’s the most suitable for your needs.