Your affiliate account data is currently under migration process?


Your affiliate account data is currently under migration process and is not visible at the moment. Do not worry your referral stats are all in place and will be visible after migration. We have also added click tracking statistics, this statistic can be inaccurate for you.

How much time will 000webhost take to migrate the data…i’m waiting from 2 years to withdraw my funds. I have worked too hard to promote their platform. They haven’t even paid me.
Showing the same migration from 2 years.


What is your email linked to affiliate?
Didn’t you get an email years ago to migrate to Hostinger Affiliates?



Small question:
Do you remember the amount of referred people?


I referred around 40-50 people successfully .


those were all active clients which was covering all of their affiliate terms.


Just going to check this now :slight_smile:


So I’ve checked against our affiliate database and you’ve only got 14.
Can you screenshot your panel of your referrals and I’ll try to resolve this?


I’ve checked the 14 currently I can see and none of them meet the requirements yet.

Your referrals become active once all of the following rules are met:

* has been a member for at least 1 month
* verified their email address
* created at least one website
* website has content
* website received at least 100 unique visitors within a month
* none of the created websites had been suspended for TOS violations
* referral was  **not**  created by you (each referral will be checked manually)


at that time they were all working and meeting all of the criterias.
But even after 1-2 months it was still showing “Pending” and its been almost 3-4 years now.


You signed up
2016-05-01 16:32:18

Your 14 referrals and none of them appear to meet the requirements.