Your Website Is Sleeping!


my website suddenly sleeping !! why? can it working again ?
i can’t access to my files it’s very important for me .
please unsuspended
my website :


Your website has exceeded the free hosting limits. I have unsuspended it, meanwhile, make sure to not exceed those again :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thank you , but it’s still archived


When I checked it it was suspended so I removed the suspension.
if this site is appearing as archived then you should have the option to restore it but only click the button once


i clicked on restore button and still archived !


I’ll check back in 4 hours or so


more than 20h and still archived !!


Good day!

We apologize for late reply. I will attempt to unarchive your website now.


really that !!!
my account blocked ! just i need my files my life in these files


The suspension is part of the process. It’s only temporary.


when you can fix it ? , now it’s archived again


I can have a look right now.


ok please i really need my files


It appears to be running if you can’t access please reply and I’ll try to help again :slight_smile: