How to recover original DNS setting for my website


By mistake, I happened to click “Reset DNS” (CPanel>Account tools). How can I have the original setting back? My website,, is now NOT reachable. Please kindly help!

Email on the

@hiroppi007 You can’t revert it back.

Use nameservers or cname to point towards 000webhost.

Login to 000webhost --> Set Web Address --> Add Domain --> Choose any one(Park or Point).
First Remove previously added domains from your 000webhost account


Dear akhilkumar332,

Thank you very much for your kind help! Please allow me to ask some more questions.

  1. "First Remove previously added domains from your 000webhost account."
    Can you tell me how I can remove my previous domain? Is it on CPanel? I can’t find “remove domain” on Domain areas of CPanel.

  2. "Use nameservers or cname to point towards 000webhost."
    I don’t really understand this part. According to the DSN info on 000webhost CPanel, name server details are as below. But my domain host, FC2, does not allow to key in IP Address ( and cannot be typed on their DNS manager). I can only write and can’t add IP address. Is it Ok like this?

Thank you very much once again!


Sry i forgot to ask…Can you tell me what panel are you on now??So that i can answer your questions.
I believe you’re on old panel.


Hi, I am using the old panel. Thank you so much for your help!


Firstly you need to migrate to new panel.
Because new panel doesn’t have such issues.
Backup all your data before migrating

Any issues while migrating…reply back.


I tried to back up my website from this Tutorials, but it’s a bit complicated. Anyway, I have all the buck up of my website files on my computer. No need to back up them on 000webhost.

Can you tell what I should do next. I want to use the new CPanel.

Thank you so much.


After backup…
Login via this link…


Yes, I did. but it leads me to the normal old CPanel.


@hiroppi007 Follow these steps. After visiting the above link(

Step one> Login(Already you’ve done login, Follow remaining process)
Step two> enter cPanel and down the bottom delete account
Step three> on the right hand side click on your name back on the accounts list and delete profile
Step four> login to and your new panel will appear


Go to My Profile and Verify the same mail you used on the old panel.

Also go to your domain dns and remove “A” records and then update nameservers,
(“A” records are not used any more on new panel.)

Wait till till nameservers gets fully propagated,
Then go to Set Web Address --> Add Domain --> Park Domain

Now complete the above post remaining process,
Step five> hit the + icon to add your website and type in yoursite and an FTP password
Step six> hit “Upload Files” and upload the files you downloaded earlier


Also go to your domain dns and remove “A” records and then update nameservers,

Do you mean I should go to my Domain Host where I obtained my domain?
(“A” records are not used any more on new panel.)

Millions of thanks for your help and your time.


@hiroppi007 Yes go to your Domain host and update nameservers.
But first don’t forgot to delete “A” Records.


Then go to Set Web Address --> Add Domain --> Park Domain

When I did it, there is an error message, The domaine already in use. Does it mean the nameservers are not yet fully propagated?

Normally how long should it take?


@hiroppi007 Have you verified your email from my profile!!!
If not , then verify.
Then only you will be able to park your domain.

What is your domain name??


Yes, I did verify my e-mail. However, I still cannot fix my website.

I do as below, but I still have the error message, This domain is in use.
My Domain --> Add Domain --> Park Domain

My website is


Have you deleted your old panel account yes?

If you login here - it should NOT let you view your old panel account -


Dear Sir,

I am almost done. But there is a final issue. My domain is, and I register as it is on CPanel. But my website is still shown as a different URL such as How can I correct it?

I go “Manage” > Link Website, but does not work.

Kindly instruct me. Thank you millions!


Is this the A record I should delete first?


@hiroppi007 Your website is working fine now.

–>Go to Set Web Address --> Manage --> LinkWebsite (Do this so that your website can load with “www” to.)

Don’t worry about “”…you can’t delete this…just don’t this url publically.

or if you don’t want above url to be loaded…then use http rewrite rule(so that when ever you visit “”…“” will be loaded.)
Just copy this code in your .htaccess file(file location “public_html”)

RewriteEngine on
RewriteOptions inherit
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTPS_HOST} ^ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Now clear your browser cache and data.
Now you’re good to go.

“A” record which is shown in the image(your post) is not related to 000webhost…so don’t delete it.

If you still have issue with above process…then PM me your login Details…i’ll do it for you :slight_smile:!!!