My Website does not Open


My Website does not open since yesterday night, I did not make any changes or anything, I just stopped opening.
Also, although I can enter through the domain (, it instantly redirects to
I do not know if it’s because it’s free or because of some bad configuration.
Thank you!
(Sorry for my bad English xD)


Hi @Jey22!

I have informed the operators about your issue. Please be patient.


@Jey22 Its bad configuration issue.
To fix your issue follow below steps:

  1. Login to your wordpress admin panel.
  2. Then go to “Settings” >> “General” and update site and wordpress url with your domain name “”.
  3. Mainly use only “http” in site and wordpress url, till you connect it to cloudflare for SSL(https).

Hope this fix your issue. :slight_smile:


The developers have fixed the Database problem from 000webhost’s side. Now your website is loading slowly because of too many plugins/data which is transferred to your site clients.

Try what @akhilkumar332 suggested in the upper post :wink:


I did what you told me @teodor
But now nothing works T_T


Hi can i know what changes you exactly did? Because changing url can’t result in deleting of website


Please follow this tutorial and point your domain to Cloudflare:


@Jey22 I’ve fixed your issue, you can now access your domain
But there are still few issues,these thing you need to correct to load your website properly:-

  1. Login to your FTP account and delete unnecessary plugins.
  2. Never use “Any Cache Plugins” on 000webhost platform.

And lastly consider reading this.


Thanks @akhilkumar332
It works
Now to eliminate unnecessary data u-u