000webhost is having some upgrades!


Hello hello, 000webhost webmasters!

In the beginning of this new year, 000webhost has had a new project: upgrading the infrastructure for a better user experience and websites performance.
That’s why, starting this week, the developers will begin working on upgrading the 000webhost infrastructure, and here is what you need to know:

We'll be updating our infrastructure in the upcoming couple of months, to make sure it is always up to date. 
These updates will ensure security, stability and make your experience even smoother!
Please be aware, that during this maintenance, some short platform interruptions can be expected.
Thanks for understanding!

This is why, anyone using the 000webhost services could experience some service disruptions while using the platform.
For everyone’s safety, we strongly recommend everyone (including you, the person reading this) to backup their websites.
You can follow this tutorial to successfully backup your website files and database

000webhost wishes you a smooth and great experience, and hopes to provide an even better learning environment for everyone wishing to learn web development.

Thank you for sticking with 000webhost, and for bearing with us while we make your experience with us even better.

The 000webhost team