502 and 403 errors started to happen often


What sites?


It happens for like 5 minutes not so much but it is annoying.


What kind of scripts/blogs/CMS etc you running?


I found this website in 000webhost forums also. http://www.animesync.tk/


Fully selfmade but thats not about scripts I think. I got that kinda errors before because of my codes but I fixed them.


Does this make any difference?


I am using PHP 7.1 already


Is your script up to date etc?

404 error is and always will be file is not here i.e. you’ve not uploaded something and it can’t find it

502 error differs between hosts but generally on 000webhost I’ve noticed it appearing when there is high traffic and the server struggles to respond fast enough.


I am sure this is not about php or any other thing. I can’t connect FTP also.


What error do you get while connecting?



It tries to connect. But not giving errors.


I said it happens for like 5-15 minutes.


And also I don’t have that animesync site. I found that in forums for testing. When I got error in my website, I am testing other websites that use 000webhost. Result is they got that errors too.


Okay if you can provide logs to your FTP error I’d be glad to advise.


Durum: files.000webhost.com için adres çözümleniyor
Durum: bağlantısı kuruluyor…
Durum: Bağlanıldı, hoş geldin iletisi bekleniyor…

Bağlanıldı, hoş geldin iletisi bekleniyor… -> Connected, waiting for welcome message.

Stucks in last part. But this happens only when I got errors in my website. I can’t connect in 000webhost online ftp module also.


I know with regards to FTP they are working on making a new platform/more stable so errors might occur in the meantime.


FTP is faster now but I don’t have problems about FTP. I think there is problems about servers. When it gives 502 error, it gives ftp errors too. I think servers can’t handle traffic or something.


The FTP may be faster but still a fix is underway so you may get errors still in the meantime until a staff member posts detailing that the FTP/File Manager has been correctly fixed.


Are they also working on hosting side or FTP affects hosting ? Because before sometimes I couldn’t connect to FTP but my website worked well.